Outlook on Talents

  • Talent concept: Growing with Sungrow
  • Standard for talent selection: Proactivity, honesty, conscientiousness, ability, and integrity
  • Excellent Sungrow staff: Honesty, pragmatism, diligence, communication, understanding, solidarity, and cooperation

Atmosphere of Sungrow

Sungrow continuously improves the organization health with "promoting the development of employees and realizing dreams for employees" as the supreme goal of HR management. We hope for a pragmatic, democratic, open, pleasant, and healthy atmosphere at Sungrow.

Cultural Activity

We have more than 10 associations for after-work activities, including basketball, football, badminton, tennis, dance, fitness, and e-sports associations. We also appropriate special team building funds for family fun games, skill contests, tours as benefits, Crazy Day, and outward bound activities.


We invest 5% of the total annual salary in training, offering Level-3 training systems such as the "Sunflower Program", job-based training courses, and new employee induction instructors/induction training programs, and combining external training, outsourced training, and internal training. Training courses are available every week.


We have established two career development channels: management and profession channels. There are eight series of profession channels and seven levels of career development paths. We offer opportunities of internal rotation/transfer. With the rapid development and expansion of the Company, sufficient development spaces are available. We will deeply promote performance management and provide a stage for you to show your talent.